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Have you built up a high amount of personal debt or has your business built up debt that it cannot pay off? Did you need money to get your business off the ground, but your profits have not been enough to cover your mounting debt? You may have a legal option in the form of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. At the Bellevue, Washington, law offices of CBG Law Group, PLLC, we can help your business, and in some cases yourself personally, pay off your debt and plan for future success.

If you wish to stop garnishment and harassing phone calls from creditors, consult with our experienced Bellevue Chapter 11 attorney. Call us at 425-283-0432 for your free initial consultation. You may also contact our Washington law firm online.

Washington Business Bankruptcy Attorney

If your small business is struggling to maintain itself under mounting debt, you may want to consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Under Chapter 11, a business is permitted to continue its operations following a restructuring and reorganization of its financial situation. The debtor company must submit a restructuring/liquidation plan to both the court and the creditors for approval.

If the restructuring plan is approved, the company may be continually monitored by the courts to ensure compliance with the plan. If you are not ready to quit on your business, we can help you explore your options and decide if bankruptcy is a viable option.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Requirements

The process involved with Chapter 11 personal or business bankruptcy is far more complicated than either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. In fact, yourself or your business will have to be involved in the process for several years in most cases, and you will have to file statements with the U.S. Trustees Office. You will also have to make quarterly payments to the U.S. Trustees offices.

We can help you through all of these steps and explain each option available to you.

Meet With a Lawyer

Before you decide to pursue Chapter 11, you should meet with an experienced lawyerto discuss whether or not it is a viable option, and to ensure you understand what the process entails and what will be expected of you, or your business. At CBG Law Group, you will always meet directly with an attorney, not a paralegal or legal assistant.

Contact Our Bellevue Metro Area Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you or your business is growing deeper in debt, you may be able to save your assets by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Contact the Bellevue, Washington, law offices of CBG Law Group. You may also call us at 425-283-0432. We can help you understand your legal options for debt relief.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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